Must be play football 120-360 hour on Synthetic grass for achieve optimum quality. Monofilament yarn is not the fibrillation at woven carpets.
At regular intervals (once a week) should be brushed for synthetic turf surface to maintain the softness and flexibility. You can also do this process (hard plastic wire) with a garden brush.
For football field and the professional level of the larger scale Fifa 1 Star and Fifa 2 Star turf can easily do this operation with motor brushing machines.
Sports should be done with field shoes or rubber-soled boots on artificial turf carpet. It is forbidden to use spike crampons and shoe.
Artificial turf cleaning, cleaning should be done regularly purified of (gum, dry leaves, plastic bags, glass or plastic bottles, beans, such as stone) all contaminants.
Operator when cleanin artifical grass surface may be missing a portion of granules, in this case diminishing amount of granules until the granules should be added on sythetic turf.
Synthetic turf should be cleaned with called squeegee wooden apparatus to swept toward to the oblique direction of yarn. This method allows the collection of granules minimum wastage.
It is recommended not to play the game higher weather-280C in the field. Irrigation process watering should be done one or twice time cooled with a light sprinkling when weather is hot.
should not be used pier or a heavy object into assembled the synthetic turf fields because of undulation problem. Only maintenance tool can use in synthetic turf field.
On ceiling net profits accumulate depending on the snow in open field. Net should shake with short intervals to snow prevent accumulation. Where the continued snow retention, net must be resolved in port.
Accumulating snow on roofs indoor field, should be cleaned with equipment will not damage the canvas. Snow should never be cleaned with water.
Field repairs must be communicated to the contractor authorities.
A maintenance contract with the contractor makes regular use and long life
Problems may occur in the manufacturing it must be notified in writing to the contractor within 24 hours.
GoalGrass synthetic turf product warranty; Valid for use and maintenance to comply with the above mentioned conditions.