If you have a really beautiful lawn in the garden, you are not totally at peace. The next big thing that comes into account is, maintaining the lawn well, which includes mowing, trimming, plucking out the weeds, and applying pesticides to keep away insects. Planning to switch to something easier? Read on.

Switching on to an artificial lawn

Try switching onto something easier that would make life more relaxed and your job less tedious after the hectic hours at the office. An artificial turf is the ideal option for you. Artificial turfs are made of a number of materials that you need to know about before purchasing the same.

Crumb Rubber

Artificial grass is made of durable materials that can last for a long time. There are times when you may find the artificial turf wearing off due to high footfall on the same or harsh weather conditions. Crumb rubber can be hazardous to health and thus it is important that it should be disposed of. Though people are of opinion that these turfs do not need maintenance, synthetic turfs may also need to be cleaned from time to time as hey may also absorb dirt.

Too much of heat

Too much of heat can also cause the artificial turf to either get damaged or melt. It can also cause dehydration, burns and suffocation. Synthetic grass is known to absorb heat radiation up to 150 degrees F and thus it is advisable that kids should not be allowed to play there when it is too hot. Too much friction can also cause skin rashes in kids or pets. It is important that when you choose artificial turfs; choose the right kind of material, which is soft and comfortable for your kids to play in.

These points can help you to buy a good artificial turf that is safe and good to look at.