Why do you need to install an artificial grass base?

Artificial grass is one of the most commonly used grasses for your sports grounds like cricket, football and golf. They are easily maintainable and cost effective as well. It is however important to know the process of installation of artificial grass.

Laying an artificial grass base

Before laying a stretch of artificial grass for your pitch, it is important to lay an artificial grass base. Now why is that important? The artificial grass base is important so that it can hold on to the artificial grass firmly so that it does not detach from the ground of tear or even fly off in case of strong winds and storms. This is a base that lies directly underneath the artificial grass. The base is commonly made up of a mixture of sand and gravel, however, in some cases it may also comprise of concrete, wood base or asphalt if it covers a huge stretch of land like a proper football ground.artificial-grass

Why do I need to install a base?

Why can’t I install the artificial grass just on top of the soil? This is a question that many people ask. The main soil has clay in it and if it gets wet and muddy, the artificial grass would tend to come off with great amount of friction. The expansion and the contraction of the soil can create soft spots and uneven surfaces. A base is used to replace the native soil that helps to ensure installation of artificial grass that can last for a long time.

What are the common types of artificial grass base?

The common types of artificial grass base are made of decomposed granite, recycled asphalt or concrete and also comprises of a mixture of sand and gravel. Artificial grass prices are expensive, but at the same time are durable for life.