Much has been the talk for an Artificial Grass. Homes and few organisations are approaching for these type of grasses for their use. Not only do they seem real but are similar to the natural one. However, the artificial turfs to have some drawbacks. Take a look below:


Yes, artificial turfs are hot. Since they are made of plastic and/or artificial fibres, they become hot under sunlight. Your feet would burn when you take a walk. There is no use for your children to play on the lawn. As obvious, it is not possible for all to keep your artificial lawn in the shade.


Although landscaping artificial grass requires no water for its maintenance yet it does need irrigation facilities because of high temperatures during warm/sunny days. Guess what; drought prone areas might think twice.  Well, use of water has been much debated when using artificial grasses as compared to the natural ones, and the artificial ones have stood right there. However, it too needs water for its smooth running. The consumption maybe less but still, water is used.


Artificial or Artificial grass costs indeed reduce your maintenance costs but what about the installation costs, these are to be certain, are expensive. Even the long-term expenses are more in artificial grass than natural grass as they need to be replaced every 8-10 years.


Artificial turfs do not help in the control or prevention of carbon dioxide as the natural grass does by releasing oxygen. When the whole installation of landscaping artificial grass gets replaced after certain years, it needs to dispose of, and it certainly does create some wastages.